Metal Decoration

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hubergroup India formulates and markets a wide product line of coatings and inks for metal printing application. Supported by continuous technological developments, it can meet emerging market demands with a total system of coatings and inks for virtually every can- and end-maker requirement. Its portfolio comprises of

● General Line Cans like Paint, Pesticides, Talcum powder, Aerosol and other products.
● Food Cans Processed food like vegetable, pure ghee, cheese, fruit pulp etc
● Closures like ROPP caps, twist off caps, crown caps
● Aluminium Collapsible Tubes
● Tin Printing Inks of various colours and white.

Also available are a range of FDA approved food lacquers. This range can be used for internal and external surfaces of most of the food cans. The cans are processable.

Along with coatings also available is a range of Metal Decorating Inks (Offset inks for Tin Printing), Aluminium collapsible tubes printing and UV inks for Tin Sheet printing. With the innovative flush technology for pigments, it is possible to make high loaded pigmented inks, with all the characters like gloss, sheen, and light fastness.