Company History

Company History


  • Historical documents state that "on the meadows of Haidhausen" (a quarter of todays Munich centre city) a certain Mathias Mittermayr produces inks such as "Vienna Varnish", "Berlin Blue" and "Red Carmine" and sells them both, in Germany and abroad, under a licence authenticated with the seal of the Court Counsellor.


  • His son-in-law, Georg Huber, takes over the workshop, expanding ink production. At this time, the workshop is located along the road to Vienna, todays Einsteinstrasse in Munich. Michael Huber is the church warden of Haidhausen.


  • Georg's son, Michael Huber, recognises the future significance of printing inks through meeting Alois Senefelder, who devised lithography in 1796 and moved to Munich in 1806, founding his "Chemical Lithographic Printing House". Planographic printing (lithography) becomes the third main printing process alongside relief printing (xylograph/wood engraving) and gravure printing (intaglio/copperplate engraving).


  • Ernst Holste produces ink in Celle, Germany. Year of foundation of today's Hostmann-Steinberg.


  • Founding of the printing ink manufacturing company E.T. Gleitsmann in Dresden, Germany.


  • Michael Huber (II) increases the production of printing inks in Munich.


  • Sons Michael Huber (III) and Julius inherit management of the Munich factory, while their brother Josef founds a printing ink factory in New York in 1892.


  • Eight more family members are joining the company and the legal form changes to a close corporation. Rudolf and Ernst Huber (sons of Julius) and Herrmann Traitteur (son in law of Michael III) are joining the executive board.


  • Reconstruction of the production facilities, specialisation solely as a printing ink manufacturer and winning-over of new printing ink markets by the Michael Huber III's grandsons, Dr. Walter Ringer and Dr. Heinz Traitteur, both of whom are still shareholders.

1955 - 1962

  • Founding of Hostag, Switzerland
  • Founding of Druckfarbenfabrik Max Stehlin, Switzerland
  • Founding of Hostmann Steinberg, Toronto, Canada


  • This rapid expansion of the company leads to the change of location to Kirchheim-Heimstetten. The topping-out ceremony is performed during MHM's 200-year jubilee celebrations: a large, totally new plant with modern manufacturing facilities, generously sized laboratories with experimental printshop for all printing processes.


  • Acquisition of Chr. Hostmann-Steinberg'schen Farbenfabrik GmbH, Celle.


  • Merger of the Swiss companies to create Stehlin + Hostag AG in Lachen, Switzerland.


  • Dr. Walter Ringer retires and makes way at the helm for the eighth generation of the family. Heiner Ringer is now Chairman of the overall board of directors of the hubergroup.


  • Founding of Info-Lab Ltd. in Annacotty, Eire.


  • Founding of the MHM Holding GmbH in Dresden, Germany.

1995 - 1997

  • Founding of Michael Huber Polska SP.zo.o in Wroclaw.
  • Founding of the sales company Michael Huber Hungaria Kft., Budapest, Hungary.
  • Acquisition of ATS Colour SpA in Bolzano Vicentino, Italy.
  • Founding of Michael Huber Bulgaria GmbH in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • Takeover of Tipolit s.a. in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain.

1998 - 2001

  • Acquisition of HST Drukinkten B.V. in Almere, The Netherlands.
  • Reorganisation and change of name of E.T. Gleitsmann GmbH & Co.KG to Gleitsmann Security Inks GmbH, Berlin.
  • Takeover of the sales company Général Grafic S.A.S. in Mommenheim, France.
  • Change of name and relocation of Druckfarben-Verkaufsgesellschaft mbH to Michael Huber Austria GmbH, Fischamend (near Vienna), Austria.
  • Founding of Hostmann-Steinberg Sweden AB in Stockholm, Sweden, Hostmann-Steinberg Norge AS in Oslo, Norway and Michael Huber CZ s.r.o. in Dobrejovice (near Prague), Czech Republic.
  • Founding of Hostmann-Steinberg Suomi Oy in Vantaa, Finland.
  • Founding of the sales company Michael Huber München Türkiye in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Founding of Tipolit Portugal S.A. in Fernao Ferro, Portugal.
  • Controlling interest of the Hubergroup in Stehlin Hostag Ink UK Ltd in Nottingham, England.

2002 - 2005

  • All members of the hubergroup appear under the common hubergroup logo.
  • Founding of ATS Chile, HST South Africa and Elfotec Ireland Ltd.
  • Renaming of ATS Italia as Huber Italia and ATS Chile as Huber Chile.
  • Founding of INK ACADEMY in Munich and Hostmann-Steinberg Asia Bangkok.
  • Sale of company Michael Huber Bulgaria GmbH and HST Norge.
  • The MGA-factories in Ireland and Munich started working.
  • Renaming of Tipolit Portugal as Stehlin + Hostag Portugal.
  • Founding of Hostmann-Steinberg RUS in Moscow and Hostmann-Steinberg A/S Denmark..
  • Founding of hubergroup China in Hong Kong and Michael Huber Ukraine in Kiev.


  • Majority holding by the hubergroup in Micro Inks Ltd., India.
  • Market launch of Gecko solvent based ink system for Flexo and Gravure Printing.
  • Founding of Hostmann-Steinberg Eesti OÜ and Hostmann-Steinberg Australia Pty.
  • Sale of Elfotec AG.


  • Founding of Michael Huber Printing Ink S.R.L. in Romania, Huber SRB d.o.o. Belgrade, PT Huber Inks Indonesia in Jakarta Utara and Huber Bulgaria EOOD in Sofia.
  • Market launch of MAXXIMA Sheet-fed Offset Inks.


  • Issue of the first INKFORMATION, in succession of the information brochure formerly known as "Druckfarbenecho".
  • Introduction of the "10 Points MGA Guarantee".
  • New service department for customer support on print process standardisation.


  • Going live of the new corporate website with improved customer information and features.
  • Market launch of the mineral oil free and low odour NATURA GA Sheet-fed Offset Inks.


  • Market launch of the packaging UV-inks system NewV pack MGA


  • Reorganisation of Stehlin+Hostag AG into European UV motherplant and UV competence center for the hubergroup.
  • Market launch of the NewV news ink series for UV newsprint/coldset presses
  • Market launch of the UV universal series NewVmaxX


  • Founding of hubergroup Colombia S.A.S.
  • The North American companies are branded hubergroup by renaming the legal entities in Canada and USA.
  • Preparations for further name changes in The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Polnd, Switzerland, Turkey and Germany to strengthen the brand hubergroup.


  • Merger of the two German legal entities Michael Huber München GmbH and Hostmann-Steinberg GmbH, Celle, followed by immediate renaming to hubergroup Deutschland GmbH
  • The hubergroup completes 250 years.