Ink Atm


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Experience The Power Of Colours On Demand !

Presenting the huber ATM - Any Time Matching. Just like a bank ATM gives customers access to just the right amount of cash, the huber ATM too, gives printers access to just the right quantities of ink. Each huber ATM is equipped with the technology to match colours accurately. So printers get accurate, high quality colours on time, every time. This saves them the unpredictability of manual colour matching. It also saves them time and inventory

The Perfect Match. The Right Quantity. Any Time.

Why Invest in an ATM

  • Offers 24x7 Technical Support
  • On Site Professional Training and Orientation
  • Perfectly Matched Ink Colour
  • Consistent Ink Batches
  • Convenient and Time Saving
  • Zero Error Equipment
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Worldwide Installations
  • Backing of hubergroup Quality and Global Technology

From colour request to final ink in less than one hour !

Walk in with a colour reference.
It is scanned,the substrate specified and a recipe obtained.
The recipe is prepared and the colour specs are matched.
The correct specs are instantly sent into production at the mini plant in the ATM itself.
You wait in the lounge,sip some tea or coffee and go through some of the world’s leading magazines (printed using huber inks )
The colour you want and the quantity you want is delivered to you on the spot in as little as 45 minutes.